Verdan is the premier supplier and contract manufacturer of crystal deodorant products made from natural potassium alum. Verdan is the name behind many crystal deodorant brands in the retail, cosmetic and personal care industry. Our clients span the globe and include high-profit specialty bath, body and skin care brands, cosmetic suppliers and private label store brands.

All of the products we produce are guaranteed to be 100% natural and comply with FDA labeling regulations. Headquartered in Switzerland, Verdan serves customers worldwide.

Whatever your crystal deodorant needs are, Verdan is ready to supply the finest quality crystal deodorant stone available in the market.


The creation of the new crystal deodorant body spray VERDAN SPRAY, is the culmination of several years of research and development.

The Swiss and European patented crystal deodorant spray bottle consists of pure alum reconnaissance from its transparency.

The natural protective agents and mineral deodorizers are activated upon application when you start to sweat, and the deodorizing efficiency increases with your body temperature. It is therefore ideal for active users, dealing with summer heat waves, or for someone who always wants to stay fresh.

For maximum efficiency choose a spray bottle with small crystals with visible kalunite crystals. This ensures maximum saturation of active deodorant agents.