Used in cosmetics since the Ancient times, crystals of alum in their natural form pyramid are present on the representations of egyptian papyrus. Their virtues, antiseptic, astringent and déodorantes made of crystals of alum pure-a staple of all time. According to some commonly held beliefs, particularly in the Middle East and in Latin America, the alum is pure would also be known for its power to attract luck.



The lithotherapie is a practical alternative is to use crystals and gemstones for healing physical and mental.

The lithocosmétique, meanwhile, focuses on the incorporation of these stones in the products of skin care and beauty.

It is believed that each stone has unique properties that have beneficial effects on the skin and the spirit. For example, amethyst is known for its soothing and calming, while the jade is considered to be refreshing and invigorating. The products of lithocosmétique can take various forms, such as masks powder containing crystals crushed, sera, enriched with precious stones, and even lipsticks containing the stone powder.

The stone of alum, in addition to his duties bactericidal, astringent and hemostatic, his story includes the secret powers that we invite you to discover below.

Alum pure would chance : a belief in ancestral

In the field of lithotherapie, a non-conventional medicine that harnesses the power of the stones to promote healing, the alum is pure is associated with the 7th Chakra, the crown. This Chakra has to do with our mind affects our well-being by bringing inner peace and joy. These glittering crystals are known to absorb the fears and sorrows, and they are associated with the signs of the zodiac, Cancer and Aquarius.

It is not uncommon to find at the entrance of homes, particularly in the Middle East and Latin America. It assigns the crystal of alum pure the power to repel misfortune and the evil eye, and would bring luck.

Belief or true virtue ?

How it works there ? Although no explanation is currently available, a track, intriguing and can be explored. The molecular geometry of the alum is pure presents a surprising resemblance to egyptian pyramids, in particular the pyramid of Cheops, sharing exactly the same angle of 52º. The Egyptians-they can be modeled on a crystal of alum, or is it a mere coincidence ?

The belief in the alum as a good luck charm has gone on for centuries in many regions of the world. Although this virtue cannot yet be demonstrated scientifically, the properties déodorantes, astringent and antiseptic alum are well-established. Thus, the chance may just be another reason to favor the products of alum.

However, it is important to be careful. Due to the rarity of the true alum stone potassium pure, the market has been flooded quickly, with substitutes in the form of agglomerates of alum. These “fake” stones are distinguished by their appearance opaque, often caused by impurities and the industrial production of these clusters.


And if it was true? If these millions of tiny crystals pyramidal applied on your skin also had an influence on the Universe?