deodorant natural alum stone

Pierre d'alun marbrée Grade A
pierre d'alun grade A+

This deodorant natural ALUM STONE of mottled brown appearance is a selection grade A +. The alum stone native to Panama is renowned for its high purity recognizable by its transparency.

deodorant naturel alun transparent


Check out the alum stone transparent selection Grade of A+, also known under the name of Kalunite™, the purest in the world and approved by 100 % by Ecocert Cosmos Natural.

This mineral asset is widely used in various cosmetic products, such as deodorants, soaps, care, after shave, shampoo and creams.

Instantly recognisable thanks to its marbled appearance and slightly transparent, it is the embodiment of purity in its most natural form. 

In the Kosmetikon of Cleopatra, we have already spoken of crystals of alum transparent, which were valued in cosmetics.

Pierre d'alun marbrée Grade A
Avoid the impurities!

The alum stone is mainly intended to be applied under the armpits, where the skin is particularly delicate. At this point, any impurity could create skin reactions. This is why, in Verdan one chooses that of the alum stone that has been specially selected for its high purity. This purity can be recognized by the transparency of the stone. On the image, below, you enjoy various high quality stone alum. These are all stones alum potassium. The two stones on the right are of high purity because we can see a little transparency so that the two stones on the left are opaque. The purity of the mineral depends on several factors such as its origin, extraction, preparation, and its final selection.



Notre meilleur alun est celui sélectionné de qualité Grade A+. Il est extrait dans le coeur même du cristal là où le bloc d'alun est le plus pur. On le reconnaît par son apparence marbrée et par son aspect quelque peu transparent. Son niveau de translucidité est de 20>5 selon notre échelle.


Alun opaque.  Il se caractérise par un agrégat d'alun ayant un aspect de masse opaque avec un niveau de translucidité de 4>1. Il peut contenir des impuretés. 


Alun brut, résidu de la base du bloc, se distingue par sa pureté moindre, son aspect blanc et son absence totale de translucidité. C'est la partie la plus basique de l'alun et peut contenir de nombreuses impuretés.

transparency and shatter the mineral


deodorant sans aluminium

Alum true is always pure and has a rather transparent. It is guaranteed to be free of aluminum hydroxisfultate.

Below is an alum stone selected grade A+

pierre d'alun grade A+

alum non-agglomerated 

alum stone - how it works

The protective action of the alum grade A+ against bad odour is an action slightly bactericidal surface of the skin, and therefore non-intrusive. Everything happens on the surface without the need to penetrate your skin contrary to the anti-transpiring traditional.  

alum natural cosmetics
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Alum has been recognized since Antiquity for its properties déodorantes, astringent and antiseptic. It neutralizes the odor-causing bacteria without penetrating the skin. To meet all preferences, we offer a range of formats : raw stone, stick, spray and roll-on.

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The application of the alum stone on the feet is particularly beneficial for athletes. It is recommended to reduce the risk of injury due to friction. To keep your feet dry, apply it in the morning before you put on your socks and your shoes. We offer two formats for a practical application : powder and spray

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The barbers appreciate the stone to shave for his calming after the fire's edge. Thanks to its hemostatic properties, antiseptic and astringent, it helps to stop the bleeding related to micro-cuts and limit the appearance of small buttons, as well as the incarnation of the hair.

alum stone without ammonium

There are several kinds of alum stone, most of them are natural other synthetic. It detects an alum stone synthetic by its name. If it is the ammonia then it is a stone of alum synthetic. All deodorants Verdan are guaranteed to be natural and without ammonium.