100% Natural Potassium Alum (kalunite™) Language

Alum stone of Panama Deodorant made of natural potassium alum.

Natural Deodorant made of Pure KALUNITE™ rock form

Simply put, alum stone is nature’s most powerful deodorant. And Alum Stone of Panama by Verdan is just that, a 100% natural deodorant made from the highest quality odor fighting minerals. Sourced from the far corners of the World, Verdan carefully examines each product to ensure the purest mineral deodorant available.

Verdan’s complete line of crystal deodorant and natural potassium alum (kalunite ™) products, including Pierre d’alun Pure Panama, use only natural ingredients. And while maintaining strict natural standards, the natural deodorant made of pure potassium alum crystal remains extremely effective, providing clinically proven 24 hour odor protection, with just one daily application.

Our simple, but yet powerful deodorant is an example of nature’s true strength. By combining the inherit odor preventing properties of potassium alum and expert craftsmanship, we offer a deodorant that is sustainable, effective and a pleasure to use.

All Verdan crystal deodorant products, including our products available through contract manufacturing, private label, and mineral supply, are all guaranteed to be 100% natural and contain no synthetic alum. That means no aluminum oxyde, no aluminum hydroxide, no Parabens, and no synthetic fragrances.

You can rest assured that our ingredients are naturally sourced and we are committed to transparency. Natural, sustainable, and responsible guide our development of natural crystal deodorant. As nature has provided a solution to preventing odor, our high quality minerals provide a deodorant that releases nature’s secret, and in our opinion the result is incredibly effective.